Black Magic Exploitation

CTF's, Exploits, and Black Magic

CSAW 2015 ~ Flash: Forensics 100

We were able to grab an image of a harddrive. Find out what’s on it.


This one had a super simple solution. So an image is just some snapshot of some hard drive, so you usually have to use some tool like volatility to dive into it and find flags. Before we do that make sure you always start with the basics. Lets search for the flag with strings.

strings flash_c8429a430278283c0e571baebca3d139.img grep flag


    Like to a vagabond flag upon the stream,
    Than was his loss, to course your flying flags
    colic, you make faces like mummers, set up the bloody flag
  Clown. A pestilence on him for a mad rogue! 'A pour'd a flagon of
               A table and flagons of wine on it.
    Stand for your own, unwind your bloody flag,
    This token serveth for a flag of truce
    Who with their drowsy, slow, and flagging wings
    These flags of France, that are advanced here
    I must show out a flag and sign of love,
    A dream of what thou wast, a garish flag
    And death's pale flag is not advanced there.
to arrest the conflagration until the stack had been entirely consumed.
that in some cases the figure was bearing a flag, and in some cases not,
but it was probable, from the way in which the flags were distributed,
message, which appeared--since there was no flag--to be a single word.
When we were left alone in the stone-flagged kitchen, it was astonishing
therein; and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink.
saw the ark among the flags, she sent her maid to fetch it.
and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine. So all the people
one a loaf of bread, and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine.
heart?  8:11 Can the rush grow up without mire? can the flag grow
2:5 Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of
defence shall be emptied and dried up: the reeds and flags shall
from the vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of flagons.
the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of
up my stand there every day with a tray of flags."
you'd be eating the flags, pins and all. But, honestly, I don't think
"True," said Tuppence, her flagging spirits reviving. "And all expenses
At this juncture in his thoughts a taxi with flag erect turned the
down his flag. The drive was uneventful. Tommy's taxi came to rest at
daily with unflagging zeal. A grey limousine on which they had set high
once there, a large excavation would be made, and one of the flag-stones
the very soul of Dantes. Then he raised the flag-stone cautiously with
let into a square flag-stone. Dantes uttered a cry of joy and surprise;
ring and exerted all his strength; the flag-stone yielded, and disclosed
misfortune,--the loss occasioned by the conflagration was to him but a
placed, scaffolds were raised, and windows were hung with flags. The
with their balconies hung with carpets, and their windows with flags. At
and pirates of every flag. Who knows whether or not these industrious
sloop, with a narrow keel and high masts, bearing on its flag the Monte
short-handed--no chapling, nor so much as a Bible and a flag, you says."
forward with another flag and reverently spread it on the body.
And he pointed to the dead body under the flag.
It must be the flag they are aiming at. Would it not be wiser to take it
was the Jolly Roger--the black flag of piracy--flying from her peak.
they either hauled down their flag or ran away with the HISPANIOLA. From
"And what do you want with your flag of truce?" he cried.
We could see the man who carried the flag of truce attempting to hold
the flag of truce, and disappeared in an instant afterwards among the
cursed black flag, and chucked it overboard.
flag of truce. Says he, 'Cap'n Silver, you're sold out. Ship's gone.'
I hardly heard Mrs. Fairfax's account of the curtain conflagration during
swimming; and a bead has slipped from the lash and fallen on to the flag.
a group of reeds and water-flags, and a naiad's head, crowned with lotus-
flagrant as groves between the tropics, now spread, waste, wild, and
since persevered in it--in the unflagging energy and unshaken temper with
conflagration: but how kindled?  What story belonged to this disaster?
  I guess it must be the flag of my disposition, out of hopeful green
  Did you fear some scrofula out of the unflagging pregnancy?
  Root of wash'd sweet-flag! timorous pond-snipe! nest of guarded
  (They go to guard some corpse, the flag-tops are draped with black muslin.)
  Where the dense-starr'd flag is borne at the head of the regiments,
  The hounded slave that flags in the race, leans by the fence,
  You flagg'd walks of the cities! you strong curbs at the edges!
  The flags of all nations, the falling of them at sunset,
  Flaunt away, flags of all nations! be duly lower'd at sunset!
  The banners of the States and flags of every land,
  In other scenes than these have I observ'd thee flag,
  Ship-joining, dock-building, fish-curing, flagging of sidewalks by flaggers,
  When every ship richly drest carries her flag at the peak,
  Of ships sailing the seas, each with its special flag or ship-signal,
  Flaunt out O sea your separate flags of nations!
      one flag above all the rest,
  The flags flung out from the steeples of churches and from all the
  Then drew close together, very compact, their flag flying in the middle,
  Rank after rank falls, while over them silently droops the flag,
  The guidon flags flutter gayly in the wind.
  Delicate cluster! flag of teeming life!
  Flag cerulean--sunny flag, with the orbs of night dappled!
  With the pomp of the inloop'd flags with the cities draped in black,
  I saw as in noiseless dreams hundreds of battle-flags,
  Rise up--for you the flag is flung--for you the bugle trills,
  The flag of peace quick-folded, and instead the flag we know,
  Warlike flag of the great Idea.
  By the curb toward the edge of the flagging,
  I see the Roman youth to the shrill sound of flageolets throwing and
  Thick-sprinkled bunting! flag of stars!
  Long yet your road, fateful flag--long yet your road, and lined with
  Dream'd again the flags of kings, highest borne to flaunt unrival'd?
  O hasten flag of man--O with sure and steady step, passing highest
      flags of kings,
  Flaunting from many a spar the flag I love.
  (Could but thy flagstones, curbs, facades, tell their inimitable tales;
  Out challenge and defiance--flags and flaunting pennants added,
first.  Our own flags should be substituted for those of the
enough:  hence the institution of banners and flags.
     24.  Gongs and drums, banners and flags, are means whereby
and drums,  and in fighting by day, of flags and banners,  as a
by noonday it has begun to flag; and in the evening, his mind is
authority is weak.  If the banners and flags are shifted about,
cavalry, every man of which was furnished with a red flag.  Their
generalissimo's flag, marched out of the pass with drums beating,
walls,  tore up the enemy's flags and replaced them by those of
of these red flags struck them with terror.  Convinced that the
and special days for starting a conflagration.
Avenue de Neuilly; the white flag, showing faintly rosy in the setting
casus belli; a pretty woman is flagrant misdemeanor. All the invasions
carts, an old well, with its flagstone and its iron reel, a chicken
grape-shot was a conflagration.
Bauduin, killed, Foy wounded, conflagration, massacre, carnage, a
the French the flag of the 105th of the line, the French had killed the
had been dislodged, Alten put to the sword. Many flags had been lost,
Frischemont and Smohain; the flag of the 105th taken, the flag of the
an hour previously, making a charge to one side, had captured the flag
six flags, which three cuirassiers and three chasseurs of the Guard bore
round a flag marked the post of a regiment; such and such a battalion
burning houses, and had been obliged to wait until the conflagration was
riddled the tricolored flag and whistled round our eagles; all hurled
of their flag but a rag, when their guns, the bullets all gone, were no
antithesis of the Bearnese. The flag on the dome of the Tuileries was
be read in the folds of the flag.
opened on a tolerably vast hall, paved with large flagstones, cut up
It was on one of the flagstones of this cloister that there was once
it was a flagrant offence, and Jean Valjean would find but one step
conflagration of principles and virtues, which sparkles, bursts forth
and cast the flag at the Emperor's feet. He was covered with blood.
flags, who received twenty wounds, who died forgotten and abandoned, and
for conflagration. A conflagration can create an aurora, no doubt, but
is in a condition of flagrant insalubrity. All civilized peoples offer
When the mine is charged, when the conflagration is ready, nothing is
conflagration of all sufferings combined with all hatreds, something
conflagration. Something terrible was in preparation. Glimpses could be
ferocious heads. Their tongues were unloosed; a conflagration of grins,
had fallen from that other soul into hers. She felt the conflagration
stone walls, a stone ceiling, a flagged pavement, a camp bed, a grated
iron door, a grated window, a camp bed, a flagged pavement, four stone
for floor ten inches of mud. It was flagged; but the pavement had rotted
and Polish flags, tricolored horizontal banners, every possible sort of
head, the Gallic cock torn from a popular flag and dragged in the mire,
in the middle of the group with a red flag, others say, with a pike
This red flag raised a storm, and disappeared in the midst of it. From
a horizontal tricolored flag covered with crape, and having at their
black flag, on which could be read in white letters this inscription:
Montorgueil, Rue Mandar, groups appeared waving flags on which could be
these flags was red and blue with an almost imperceptible stripe of
Corderie. The detachment picked up in the barricade a red flag, a
Guardsmen tore up the flag, and carried off its tattered remains on the
flag bearing the following inscription: Republican revolution, No. 127.
ropes, and a red flag, fastened to this pole, floated over the
The two barricades being finished, and the flag run up, a table was
that all the light fell on the flag. The street and the barricade
remained sunk in gloom, and nothing was to be seen except the red flag
This light enhanced the scarlet of the flag, with an indescribable and
the wine-shop, the large barricade, and the flag from him.
visible in the reflection of the light projected on the flag, offered
A fearful detonation burst forth on the barricade. The red flag fell.
"And, above all," said Enjolras, "let us raise the flag again."
He picked up the flag, which had fallen precisely at his feet.
"Who is there here with a bold heart? Who will plant the flag on the
with a religious fear; he tore the flag from Enjolras, who recoiled in
from the earth, with the flag of terror in his hand.
prodigies. In the midst of this silence, the old man waved the red flag
aberration, raised the flag above his head and repeated:--
The old man fell on his knees, then rose again, dropped the flag
"This is our flag now."
my cane, and go as a flag of truce, to offer to exchange our man for
sabres, of cudgels, of axes, of pikes and of bayonets; a vast red flag
Barthelemy, on occasion, flew but one flag, the black flag.
still sufficiently upright to admit of their fastening the flag to it.
As conflagrations light up a whole city, so revolutions illuminate the
Exasperated by the successive apparition of the red flag and the old
coat which he took for the black flag, he loudly blamed the generals and
stamp out these beginnings of conflagration.
conflagration. It was not a combat, it was the interior of a furnace;
one fight for his flag, and the other for his ideal, and let both of
dogged. No quarter. No flag of truce possible. Men are willing to die,
which does not burn in the midst of a conflagration, and in the midst of
him, to gain his footing on a flagged surface three metres below the
it rose to the height of three feet above the flag-stones of the
had caught sight of under the flag-stones might also catch the eye of
particularly friable; the foot-way, which was of flag-stones, as in
 their shoes and stand barefoot on the flagstones while they are
forth, joviality is flaunted like a red flag; two jades there drag farce
stands and as it stands, let us view its flagrant offences, show me the
out. Let it not be said that patriots have hoisted the white flag.]
The conversation did not flag for an instant, so that the
the elasticity of her movements, the freshness and the unflagging
to Agafea Mihalovna, who gossiped away without flagging, and yet
conflagration in the midst of a dark night.  On seeing her
unflagging ambition, his reserve, his honesty, and with his
With Pestsov intellectual conversation never flagged for an
register, and his new boots creaking jauntily over the flagstones
his unflagging craving to be better--she loved it in him, and so
flags of the roads, the flints of the pavements, the wheels and
"We played with flags," I said. (I beg to observe that I think of myself
"Yes," said I. "Estella waved a blue flag, and I waved a red one, and
ones,--which reminds me to hope that there were a flag, perhaps?"
"(I'm sorry there weren't a flag, Pip). Whether that might be or
"That's a real flagstaff, you see," said Wemmick, "and on Sundays I
run up a real flag. Then look here. After I have crossed this bridge, I
a very thin ceiling between me and the flagstaff, that when I lay down
extinct conflagration and shaken his head, he took my order; which,
The flag had been struck, and the gun had been fired, at the right
becomes the red flag of Republicanism.
stone flagging of hall and portico. There had been no home so stately
seated upon the stone-flagged portico whose canopy was the blue sky of
flagging, motionless. When she dragged herself to her feet it was to
the flags which lined the floor. "Why, dear me, it sounds quite
down the stone-flagged passage, in a peaked cap and frogged
conversation soon flagged. At last, however, the bumping of the
of the same world-wide country under a flag which shall be a
     The flag o' skull and bones,
death's-head, is the well-known emblem of the pirate. The flag of the
the Scythian prisoners--or the conflagration of his new palace--or the
The _attention_ is here called powerfully into play. If it flag for an
a servant, and myself, made our escape from the conflagration. The
I broke and reached him a flagon of De Gr
flagstones at the entrance of the palace, and a few steps above the
child within his grasp, upon the marble flagstones by the side of the
and the stranger, whom I now recognized, stood alone upon the flags. He
a thing, than to give him a severe flagellation, or to deprive him of
into a quadrangle paved with flags and lined by sordid dwellings. We
there were flags in some of the principal streets, and other signs of
"Married yesterday--that's what those flags are for on the Endowment
he walked with flagging footsteps from the bridge. Pride and
the most interesting, the most flagrant moment he will faint. Of course
But her excitement did not flag, and every moment her irritation grew
fought and killed each other. There were conflagrations and famine. All
to help at any point where the conversation might happen to flag. As
of the flag... Well, never mind, it's true I'm to blame, to blame all
but in the center where the men with a flag of truce had passed that
direction of the conflagration. As if urging each other on, the soldiers
dark and the glow of two conflagrations was the more conspicuous. The
a flag of truce, demanding an audience with the Russian Emperor, was
flag let it fall from his hands. It swayed and fell, but caught on the
overtook him. A sergeant of the battalion ran up and took the flag
On the Pratzen Heights, where he had fallen with the flagstaff in his
the flagstaff that had been dropped beside him. (The flag had already
of whom has been sent me under flag of truce."
The conversation did not flag all evening and turned chiefly on the
the windows of the houses also flags and bunting were displayed.
the windows of the streets through which he rode, rugs, flags, and his
chivalry, of flags of truce, of mercy to the unfortunate and so on. It's
all rubbish! I saw chivalry and flags of truce in 1805; they humbugged
which not one battle had been won, and in which not a flag, or cannon,
flagging spirit of the troops would not permit it.
where scarcely a day passes without conflagrations when the house owners
The conflagration, at which he had looked with so much indifference the
front of the conflagration. In the middle of the street stood a French
on Pierre the usual animating effects of a conflagration. It had a
were the cause of the conflagrations. After marching through a number
sky. A red glow as of a conflagration spread above the horizon from the
The conversation flagged, and the soldiers began settling down to sleep.
handkerchief, mockingly embellished with all the gay flags of all
flag-stone in Canterbury Cathedral where Becket bled. But to all these
him; and a white man standing before him seemed a white flag come to
"Drink and pass!" he cried, handing the heavy charged flagon to the
under the American flag, who have never hostilely encountered the Sperm
and the Hanoverian flag bearing the one figure of a snow-white charger;
a white flag hung out from a craven soul; thou surrenderest to a hypo,
smothering the conflagration within him, without speaking he remained
a dead whale, a conquered fortress, with the flag of capture lazily
old flag-ship once, switching his tail about devilish easy and
firm audacious staff of that flag which I fling half out to the world.
their flag in the Pacific.
folded them in conflagrations.
some flag-staff rising from the painted hull of an argosy, the tall but
tears the vane"--pointing to the red flag flying at the main-truck--"Ha!
flag was gone from the main-mast-head, he shouted to Tashtego, who had
just gained that perch, to descend again for another flag, and a hammer
remained suspended in his hand; and the red flag, half-wrapping him as
erect spar yet visible, together with long streaming yards of the flag,
the flag faster and yet faster to the subsiding spar. A sky-hawk that
among the stars, pecking at the flag, and incommoding Tashtego there;
flag of Ahab, went down with his ship, which, like Satan, would not sink
              The green flag gloriously unfurled,
        flagons and trenchers flying before him, and he cried
Conflagration of the world, wherein the wicked shall perish; but the
Conflagration of the present world; wherein the Elect shall not be
outrage more flagrant than to forbid the culprit to hide his
Pearl, whose activity of spirit never flagged, had been at no
shame of my nation, the shame of Cassova, when the flags of the
  flagboat of guarding squadron.  Backsheesh again.  Work of
narrow stone flagged yard at the blank face of a stable, pointed to
crash and glitter of the falling glass, he tumbled into the flagged
"ting" of the gold, as some of the sovereigns fell on the flagging.
the steps, crossed the flagged yard, and pushed open the stable door.
Sereth, we got a Roumanian flag which we now fly conspicuously.  With
into the great hall, and so out upon the flagstones in front of the
glance reminded me of a military chapel hung with tattered flags.
accidental occasions.  If it be left to itself, it flags and languishes;
there nothing but these veins and muscles that swell and flag without the
         "Nam quum vidit hic, ad victum qux flagitat usus,
               "Occultum quatiens animo tortore flagellum."
that there are some members which grow stiff and flag without his leave.
   Open to view, flags in the hot career,"
in maturity, begin to flag and droop. So men, having tried and sounded
conflagration of the world all the gods were to die but Jupiter. Man
perturbation once overcome, we see that they insensibly flag and slacken
     conflagration is extinguished by fire."]
               Conjugis in culpa flagravit quotidiana."
maintain the dignity of your style, you will often perceive it to flag
thousand poets flag and languish after a prosaic manner; but the best old
          "Ut olim flagitiis, sic nunc legibus, laboramus."
black knot of men, the foremost of whom was waving a white flag.
Flutter, flutter, went the flag, first to the right, then to the
Beyond the pit stood the little wedge of people with the white flag
little group of black specks with the flag of white had been swept out
it was done by a man in a ditch with a flag on a long pole.  The
smoke from some nearer conflagration drove across the window and hid
ironclad seaward fired a small gun and hoisted a string of flags.  A
yellow glow. Two shafts of soft daylight fell across the flagged floor
European conflagration. Grain supplies through the narrow waters of
spray dots over the grey flags. Apart. Curious. Like through a colander.
the port into his soup before the flag fell. Bobbob lapping it for the
a swift glance their hearing. The flag is up on the playhouse by the
white flagon H. halted and four tallhatted white flagons halted behind
Miss Douce reached high to take a flagon, stretching her satin arm, her
first Irish battleship is seen breasting the waves with our own flag to
the fore, none of your Henry Tudor's harps, no, the oldest flag afloat,
the flag of the province of Desmond and Thomond, three crowns on a blue
--That's how it's worked, says the citizen. Trade follows the flag.
with pistachios, a bason of jolly custard, a medlar tansy and a flagon
the flags of the Ballast office and Custom House were dipped in salute
all gone brown and spread out blobs and on the hills nought but dry flag
obligingness to pass him a flagon of cordial waters at the same time by
rider's name: Lenehan as much more. He told them of the race. The flag
surrounded by pennons of the civic flag. The van of the procession
with my houseflag, creations of lovely lingerie for Alice and nice
our flag flying! An eagle gules volant in a field argent displayed.
Interest, however, was starting to flag somewhat all round and then the
erroneously supposed to be about a punctilio of honour and a flag, were
about where she hangs him up out of a hook with a cord flagellate
all the people and give him what that one calls flagellate till he was
"progress" of woman on her flags and banners, the very opposite realises
castello_ (roof of the flagstaff of the castle),--Compare also Pl.
conflagrations, the deluge of waters, the changes of languages and
Necromancy the flag and flying banner, blown by the winds, is the
Finally the earth will turn red from a conflagration of many days
showed up, clustered inside the white surf, with a flag flying above
and a flag-pole lost in it; landed more soldiers--to take care of the
pitiless. That's the only way. This will prevent all conflagrations
what had been a flag of some sort flying from it, and a neatly stacked
streamers of gay-colored silks, and banners and flags of odd and
We now signaled the flagship of Helium's navy to approach, and when she
Thoris on board, and that we wished to transfer her to the flagship
arose from the decks of the flagship, and a moment later the colors of
The flagship bore down upon us, and as she swung gracefully to and
Dejah Thoris went aboard the flagship, and was much put out that I
Spirit of the Storm, with his grisly flag flying at the fore! And at
slouch hat with waving plumes, his black flag unfurled, with the skull
credulous about conflagrations, and he had practised upon its
So the talk ran on. But presently it began to flag a trifle, and grow
Now the battle was at its highest. Under the ceaseless conflagration of
growth; and the unflagging thunder-peals came now in ear-splitting
up between the flags, and cattle are the only hedge-cutters.'
jumped over, and, running up the flagged causeway bordered with
further, for a horse's feet were heard on the flags, and having knocked
trickle from Catherine's cheek to the flags.  Is she sorry for her
and trampled on him, and dashed his head repeatedly against the flags,
cried Catherine, sucking her damaged lip, and watching the conflagration
are shaped in the flags!  In every cloud, in every tree--filling the air
camp fire in the middle, and a tall flag-pole at each end.  There was a
injustice of his sentence was very flagrant; all Paris was indignant;
agony of the torturing flames. The light of that conflagration will
A white flag from within the fortress, and a parley--this dimly
raging of the conflagration, a red-hot wind, driving straight from the
a people, tumultuous under a red flag and with their country declared in
against the world in arms; the black flag waved night and day from the
Over the chair they had thrown a red flag, and to the back of it they

At the very bottom you can see the flag.

...against the world in arms; the black flag waved night and day from the
Over the chair they had thrown a red flag, and to the back of it they