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--[[ HTTP protocol implementation for LuCI - date handling (c) 2008 Freifunk Leipzig / Jo-Philipp Wich Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 $Id: date.lua 3941 2008-12-23 21:39:38Z jow $ ]]-- --- LuCI http protocol implementation - date helper class. -- This class contains functions to parse, compare and format http dates. module("luci.http.protocol.date", package.seeall) require("luci.sys.zoneinfo") MONTHS = { "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec" } --- Return the time offset in seconds between the UTC and given time zone. -- @param tz Symbolic or numeric timezone specifier -- @return Time offset to UTC in seconds function tz_offset(tz) if type(tz) == "string" then -- check for a numeric identifier local s, v = tz:match("([%+%-])([0-9]+)") if s == '+' then s = 1 else s = -1 end if v then v = tonumber(v) end if s and v then return s * 60 * ( math.floor( v / 100 ) * 60 + ( v % 100 ) ) -- lookup symbolic tz elseif luci.sys.zoneinfo.OFFSET[tz:lower()] then return luci.sys.zoneinfo.OFFSET[tz:lower()] end end -- bad luck return 0 end --- Parse given HTTP date string and convert it to unix epoch time. -- @param data String containing the date -- @return Unix epoch time function to_unix(date) local wd, day, mon, yr, hr, min, sec, tz = date:match( "([A-Z][a-z][a-z]), ([0-9]+) " .. "([A-Z][a-z][a-z]) ([0-9]+) " .. "([0-9]+):([0-9]+):([0-9]+) " .. "([A-Z0-9%+%-]+)" ) if day and mon and yr and hr and min and sec then -- find month local month = 1 for i = 1, 12 do if MONTHS[i] == mon then month = i break end end -- convert to epoch time return tz_offset(tz) + os.time( { year = yr, month = month, day = day, hour = hr, min = min, sec = sec } ) end return 0 end --- Convert the given unix epoch time to valid HTTP date string. -- @param time Unix epoch time -- @return String containing the formatted date function to_http(time) return os.date( "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT", time ) end --- Compare two dates which can either be unix epoch times or HTTP date strings. -- @param d1 The first date or epoch time to compare -- @param d2 The first date or epoch time to compare -- @return -1 - if d1 is lower then d2 -- @return 0 - if both dates are equal -- @return 1 - if d1 is higher then d2 function compare(d1, d2) if d1:match("[^0-9]") then d1 = to_unix(d1) end if d2:match("[^0-9]") then d2 = to_unix(d2) end if d1 == d2 then return 0 elseif d1 < d2 then return -1 else return 1 end end --[[ LuCI - HTTP-Interaction Description: HTTP-Header manipulator and form variable preprocessor FileId: $Id: http.lua 3838 2008-11-29 21:59:06Z Cyrus $ License: Copyright 2008 Steven Barth Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. ]]-- local ltn12 = require "luci.ltn12" local protocol = require "luci.http.protocol" local util = require "luci.util" local string = require "string" local coroutine = require "coroutine" local pairs, tostring, error = pairs, tostring, error --- LuCI Web Framework high-level HTTP functions. module "luci.http" context = util.threadlocal() Request = util.class() function Request.__init__(self, env, sourcein, sinkerr) self.input = sourcein self.error = sinkerr -- File handler self.filehandler = function() end -- HTTP-Message table self.message = { env = env, headers = {}, params = protocol.urldecode_params(env.QUERY_STRING or ""), } self.parsed_input = false end function Request.formvalue(self, name, noparse) if not noparse and not self.parsed_input then self:_parse_input() end if name then return self.message.params[name] else return self.message.params end end function Request.formvaluetable(self, prefix) local vals = {} prefix = prefix and prefix .. "." or "." if not self.parsed_input then self:_parse_input() end local void = self.message.params[nil] for k, v in pairs(self.message.params) do if k:find(prefix, 1, true) == 1 then vals[k:sub(#prefix + 1)] = tostring(v) end end return vals end function Request.content(self) if not self.parsed_input then self:_parse_input() end return self.message.content, self.message.content_length end function Request.getcookie(self, name) local c = string.gsub(";" .. (self:getenv("HTTP_COOKIE") or "") .. ";", "%s*;%s*", ";") local p = ";" .. name .. "=(.-);" local i, j, value = c:find(p) return value and urldecode(value) end function Request.getenv(self, name) if name then return self.message.env[name] else return self.message.env end end function Request.setfilehandler(self, callback) self.filehandler = callback end function Request._parse_input(self) protocol.parse_message_body( self.input, self.message, self.filehandler ) self.parsed_input = true end --- Close the HTTP-Connection. function close() if not context.eoh then context.eoh = true coroutine.yield(3) end if not context.closed then context.closed = true coroutine.yield(5) end end --- Return the request content if the request was of unknown type. -- @return HTTP request body -- @return HTTP request body length function content() return context.request:content() end --- Get a certain HTTP input value or a table of all input values. -- @param name Name of the GET or POST variable to fetch -- @param noparse Don't parse POST data before getting the value -- @return HTTP input value or table of all input value function formvalue(name, noparse) return context.request:formvalue(name, noparse) end --- Get a table of all HTTP input values with a certain prefix. -- @param prefix Prefix -- @return Table of all HTTP input values with given prefix function formvaluetable(prefix) return context.request:formvaluetable(prefix) end --- Get the value of a certain HTTP-Cookie. -- @param name Cookie Name -- @return String containing cookie data function getcookie(name) return context.request:getcookie(name) end --- Get the value of a certain HTTP environment variable -- or the environment table itself. -- @param name Environment variable -- @return HTTP environment value or environment table function getenv(name) return context.request:getenv(name) end --- Set a handler function for incoming user file uploads. -- @param callback Handler function function setfilehandler(callback) return context.request:setfilehandler(callback) end --- Send a HTTP-Header. -- @param key Header key -- @param value Header value function header(key, value) if not context.headers then context.headers = {} end context.headers[key:lower()] = value coroutine.yield(2, key, value) end --- Set the mime type of following content data. -- @param mime Mimetype of following content function prepare_content(mime) if not context.headers or not context.headers["content-type"] then if mime == "application/xhtml+xml" then if not getenv("HTTP_ACCEPT") or not getenv("HTTP_ACCEPT"):find("application/xhtml+xml", nil, true) then mime = "text/html; charset=UTF-8" end header("Vary", "Accept") end header("Content-Type", mime) end end --- Get the RAW HTTP input source -- @return HTTP LTN12 source function source() return context.request.input end --- Set the HTTP status code and status message. -- @param code Status code -- @param message Status message function status(code, message) code = code or 200 message = message or "OK" context.status = code coroutine.yield(1, code, message) end --- Send a chunk of content data to the client. -- This function is as a valid LTN12 sink. -- If the content chunk is nil this function will automatically invoke close. -- @param content Content chunk -- @param src_err Error object from source (optional) -- @see close function write(content, src_err) if not content then if src_err then error(src_err) else close() end return true elseif #content == 0 then return true else if not context.eoh then if not context.status then status() end if not context.headers or not context.headers["content-type"] then header("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=utf-8") end if not context.headers["cache-control"] then header("Cache-Control", "no-cache") header("Expires", "0") end context.eoh = true coroutine.yield(3) end coroutine.yield(4, content) return true end end --- Redirects the client to a new URL and closes the connection. -- @param url Target URL function redirect(url) status(302, "Found") header("Location", url) close() end --- Create a querystring out of a table of key - value pairs. -- @param table Query string source table -- @return Encoded HTTP query string function build_querystring(table) local s="?" for k, v in pairs(table) do s = s .. urlencode(k) .. "=" .. urlencode(v) .. "&" end return s end --- Return the URL-decoded equivalent of a string. -- @param str URL-encoded string -- @param no_plus Don't decode + to " " -- @return URL-decoded string -- @see urlencode urldecode = protocol.urldecode --- Return the URL-encoded equivalent of a string. -- @param str Source string -- @return URL-encoded string -- @see urldecode urlencode = protocol.urlencode uvl_err_uciload = 'Não foi possível carregar a configuração \"%p\": %1' uvl_err_scheme = 'Erro no esquema \"%p\":\n%c' uvl_err_config = 'Erro na configuração \"%p\":\n%c' uvl_err_section = 'Erro na seção \"%i\" (%I):\n%c' uvl_err_option = 'Erro na opção \"%i\" (%I):\n%c' uvl_err_reference = 'Opção \"%i\" tem especificação de referência inválida %1:\n%c' uvl_err_dependency = 'Na dependência de verificação %t \"%i\":\n%c' uvl_err_sme_find = 'Não é possível encontrar o esquema \"%p\" in \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_read = 'Não é possível acessar o arquivo \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_reqfld = 'Faltando campo requerido no esquema: \"%1\" em \"%i\"' uvl_err_sme_invref = 'Referência \"1%\" ilegal para uma seção anônima' uvl_err_sme_badref = 'Referência mal elaborada em \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_baddep = 'Especificação de dependência mal elaborada: \"%1\" em \"%i\"' uvl_err_sme_badval = 'Especificação de validador mal elaborada: \"%1\" em \"%i\"' uvl_err_sme_errval = 'Validador externo \"%1\" falhou: %2' uvl_err_sme_vbadpack = 'Variável \"%o\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para um pacote desconecido \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_vbadsect = 'Variável \"%o\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para uma seção desconecida \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_ebadpack = 'Enum \"%v\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para um pacote desconecido \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_ebadsect = 'Enum \"%v\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para uma seção desconecida \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_ebadopt = 'Enum \"%v\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para uma opção desconecida \"%1\"' uvl_err_sme_ebadtype = 'Enum \"%v\" no esquema \"%p\" faz referência para uma opção não-enum \"%p.%s.%o\"' uvl_err_sme_ebaddef = 'Enum \"%v\" no esquema \"%p\" redeclara o valor padrão de \"%p.%s.%o\"' uvl_err_sect_unknown = 'Seção \"%i\" (%I) não encontrada no esquema' uvl_err_sect_required = 'Seção requerida \"%p.%s\" não encontrada na configuração' uvl_err_sect_unique = 'Seção única \"%p.%s\" ocorre várias vezes na configuração' uvl_err_sect_named = 'A seção do tipo \"%p.%s\" está armazenada na configuração como anônima, mas deve ser nomeada' uvl_err_sect_notfound = 'Seção \"%p.%s\" não encontrada na configuração' uvl_err_opt_unknown = 'Opção \"%i\" (%I) não encontrada no esquema' uvl_err_opt_required = 'Opção requerida \"%i\" não tem nenhum valor' uvl_err_opt_badvalue = 'Valor \"%1\" da opção \"%i\" não está definido no enum %2' uvl_err_opt_invvalue = 'Valor \"%1\" da opção \"%i\" não foi validado como tipo de dados \"%2\"' uvl_err_opt_notlist = 'Opção \"%i\" está definida como lista, mas armazenada como um valor simples' uvl_err_opt_datatype = 'Opção \"%i\" tem o tipo de dados desconhecido \"%1\"' uvl_err_opt_notfound = 'Opção \"%p.%s.%o\" não encontrada na configuração' uvl_err_dep_notequal = 'Dependência (%1) falhou:\nopção \"%i\" is not eqal à \"%2\"' uvl_err_dep_novalue = 'Dependência (%1) falhou:\nopção \"%i\" não tem nenhum valor' uvl_err_dep_notvalid = 'Dependência (%1) falhou:\n%c' uvl_err_dep_recursive = 'Dependência recursiva para a opção \"%i\" detectada' uvl_err_dep_badenum = 'Na dependência, verificar pelo valor enum \"%i\":\n%c' uci_applied = 'The following changes have been applied' uci_reverted = 'The following changes have been reverted' a_i_ui = 'User Interface' c_lucidesc = 'LuCI is a collection of free Lua software including an MVC-Webframework and webinterface for embedded devices. LuCI is licensed under the Apache-License.' c_projecthome = 'Project Homepage' c_leaddev = 'Lead Development' c_contributors = 'Contributing Developers' c_thanksto = 'Thanks To' a_i_i_hello = 'Hello!' a_i_i_admin1 = 'This is the administration area of LuCI.' a_i_i_admin2 = 'LuCI is a free, flexible, and user friendly graphical interface for configuring OpenWrt Kamikaze.' a_i_i_admin3 = 'On the following pages you can adjust all important settings of your router.' a_i_i_admin4 = 'Notice: In LuCI changes have to be confirmed by clicking Changes - Save & Apply before being applied.' a_i_i_admin5 = 'As we always want to improve this interface we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.' a_i_i_admin6 = 'And now have fun with your router!' a_i_i_team = 'The LuCI Team' a_i_luci1 = 'Here you can customize the settings and the functionality of LuCI.' a_i_ucicommit = 'Post-commit actions' a_i_ucicommit1 = 'These commands will be executed automatically when a given UCI configuration is committed allowing changes to be applied instantly.' a_i_keepflash = 'Files to be kept when flashing a new firmware' a_i_keepflash1 = 'When flashing a new firmware with LuCI these files will be added to the new firmware installation.' a_st_i_status1 = 'Here you can find information about the current system status like CPU clock frequency, memory usage or network interface data.' a_st_i_status2 = 'Also kernel or service logfiles can be viewed here to get an overview over their current state.' iwscan = 'WLAN-Scan' iwscan1 = 'Wifi networks in your local environment' iwscan_encr = 'Encr.' iwscan_link = 'Link' iwscan_signal = 'Signal' iwscan_noise = 'Noise' routes = 'Routes' routes_netmask = 'Netmask' routes_gateway = 'Gateway' routes_metric = 'Metric' a_s_desc = 'Here you can configure the basic aspects of your device like its hostname or the timezone.' a_s_packages = 'Software' a_s_changepw = 'Admin Password' a_s_p_ipkg = 'OPKG-Configuration' a_s_sshkeys = 'SSH-Keys' a_s_fstab = 'Mount Points' a_s_flash = 'Flash Firmware' a_s_i_system1 = 'Change settings related to the system itself, its identification, installed hard- and software, authentication or mount points.' a_s_i_system2 = 'These settings define the base of your system.' a_s_i_system3 = 'Pay attention as any misconfiguration here may prevent your device from booting or may lock yourself out of it.' a_s_packages_do = 'Perform Actions' a_s_packages_install = 'Install' a_s_packages_installurl = 'Download and install package' a_s_packages_ipkg = 'Edit package lists and installation targets' a_s_packages_name = 'Package name' a_s_packages_remove = 'Remove' a_s_packages_search = 'Find package' a_s_packages_update = 'Package lists updated' a_s_packages_updatelist = 'Update package lists' a_s_packages_upgrade = 'Upgrade installed packages' a_s_p_ipkg_pkglists = 'Package lists' a_s_p_ipkg_targets = 'Installation targets' a_s_changepw1 = 'Change the password of the system administrator (User root)' a_s_changepw_changed = 'Password successfully changed' a_s_changepw_nomatch = 'Error: Passwords do not match' a_s_sshkeys1 = 'Here you can paste public SSH-Keys (one per line) for SSH public-key authentication.' a_s_fstab_mountpoints = 'Mount Points' a_s_fstab_mountpoints1 = 'Mount Points define at which point a memory device will be attached to the filesystem' a_s_fstab_active = 'Mounted file systems' a_s_fstab_used = 'Used' a_s_fstab_avail = 'Available' a_s_fstab_mountpoint = 'Mount Point' a_s_fstab_device1 = 'The device file of the memory or partition (e.g. /dev/sda1)' a_s_fstab_fs1 = 'The filesystem that was used to format the memory (e.g. ext3)' a_s_fstab_swap1 = 'If your physical memory is insufficient unused data can be temporarily swapped to a swap-device resulting in a higher amount of usable RAM. Be aware that swapping data is a very slow process as the swap-device cannot be accessed with the high datarates of the RAM.' a_s_flash_flashed = 'Firmware successfully flashed. Rebooting device...' a_s_flash_flasherr = 'Failed to flash' a_s_flash_fwimage = 'Firmware image' a_s_flash_received = 'Image received. About to start flashing process. DO NOT POWER OFF THE DEVICE!' a_s_flash_inprogress = 'Writing firmware...' a_s_flash_fwupgrade = 'Flash Firmware' a_s_flash_keepcfg = 'Keep configuration files' a_s_flash_notimplemented = 'Sorry, this function is not (yet) available for your platform.' a_s_flash_upgrade1 = 'Replaces the installed firmware with a new one. The firmware format is platform-dependent.' a_s_reboot1 = 'Reboots the operating system of your device' a_s_reboot_do = 'Perform reboot' a_s_reboot_running = 'Please wait: Device rebooting...' a_s_reboot_u = 'Warning: There are unsaved changes that will be lost while rebooting!' a_s_applyreboot1 = 'Changes applied.' a_s_backup = 'Backup / Restore' a_s_backup_backup = 'Create backup' a_s_backup_archive = 'Backup Archive' a_s_backup_reset = 'Reset router to defaults' a_s_backup_reset1 = 'Proceed reverting all settings and resetting to firmware defaults?' a_s_backup_restore = 'Restore backup' a_s_backup1 = 'Here you can backup and restore your router configuration and - if possible - reset the router to the default settings.' a_srv_http = 'HTTP-Server' a_srv_ssh = 'SSH-Server' a_srv_services1 = 'Services and daemons perform certain tasks on your device.' a_srv_services2 = 'Most of them are network servers, that offer a certain service for your device or network like shell access, serving webpages like LuCI, doing mesh routing, sending e-mails, ...' a_srv_http1 = 'A small webserver which can be used to serve LuCI.' a_srv_http_authrealm = 'Authentication Realm' a_srv_http_authrealm1 = 'The realm which will be displayed at the authentication prompt for protected pages.' a_srv_http_config1 = 'defaults to /etc/httpd.conf' a_srv_http_root = 'Document root' a_srv_dropbear1 = 'Dropbear offers SSH network shell access and an integrated SCP server' a_srv_d_pwauth = 'Password authentication' a_srv_d_pwauth1 = 'Allow SSH password authentication' a_w_channel = 'Channel' a_w_wifi1 = 'On this pages you can find configuration options for WLAN based wireless networks.' a_w_wifi2 = 'You can easily integrate your 802.11a/b/g/n-devices into your physical network and use the virtual adapter support to build wireless repeaters or offer several networks with one device.' a_w_wifi3 = 'There is support for Managed, Client, Ad-Hoc and WDS operating modes as well as WPA and WPA2 encryption for secure communnication.' a_w_devices1 = 'Here you can configure installed wifi devices.' a_w_txantenna = 'Transmit Antenna' a_w_rxantenna = 'Receive Antenna' a_w_distance1 = 'Distance to furthest station (in meter)' a_w_diversity = 'Diversity' a_w_countrycode = 'Country Code' a_w_connlimit = 'Connection Limit' a_w_networks1 = 'You can run several wifi networks with one device. Be aware that there are certain hardware and driverspecific restrictions. Normally you can operate 1 Ad-Hoc or up to 3 Master-Mode and 1 Client-Mode network simultaneously.' a_w_netid = 'Network Name (ESSID)' a_w_network1 = 'Add the Wifi network to physical network' a_w_netmanual = ' - Create new Network - ' a_w_txpwr = 'Transmit Power' a_w_brcmburst = 'Broadcom Frameburst' a_w_athburst = 'Atheros Frameburst' a_w_radiussrv = 'RadiusServer' a_w_radiusport = 'Radius-Port' a_w_apisolation = 'AP-Isolation' a_w_apisolation1 = 'Prevents Client to Client communication' a_w_hideessid = 'Hide ESSID' a_w_ap = 'Access Point' a_w_adhoc = 'Ad-Hoc' a_w_ahdemo = 'Pseudo Ad-Hoc (ahdemo)' a_w_client = 'Client' a_w_wds = 'WDS' a_w_monitor = 'Monitor' dhcp_dnsmasq_desc = 'Dnsmasq is a combined DHCP-Server and DNS-Forwarder for NAT firewalls' dhcp_dnsmasq_domainneeded = 'Domain required' dhcp_dnsmasq_domainneeded_desc = 'Don't forward DNS-Requests without DNS-Name' dhcp_dnsmasq_authoritative = 'Authoritative' dhcp_dnsmasq_authoritative_desc = 'This is the only DHCP in the local network' dhcp_dnsmasq_boguspriv = 'Filter private' dhcp_dnsmasq_boguspriv_desc = 'Don't forward reverse lookups for local networks' dhcp_dnsmasq_filterwin2k = 'Filter useless' dhcp_dnsmasq_filterwin2k_desc = 'filter useless DNS-queries of Windows-systems' dhcp_dnsmasq_localisequeries = 'Localise queries' dhcp_dnsmasq_localisequeries_desc = 'localises the hostname depending on its subnet' dhcp_dnsmasq_local = 'Local Server' dhcp_dnsmasq_domain = 'Local Domain' dhcp_dnsmasq_expandhosts = 'Expand Hosts' dhcp_dnsmasq_expandhosts_desc = 'adds domain names to hostentries in the resolv file' dhcp_dnsmasq_nonegcache = 'don't cache unknown' dhcp_dnsmasq_nonegcache_desc = 'prevents caching of negative DNS-replies' dhcp_dnsmasq_readethers = 'Use /etc/ethers' dhcp_dnsmasq_readethers_desc = 'Read /etc/ethers to configure the DHCP-Server' dhcp_dnsmasq_leasefile = 'Leasefile' dhcp_dnsmasq_leasefile_desc = 'file where given DHCP-leases will be stored' dhcp_dnsmasq_resolvfile = 'Resolvfile' dhcp_dnsmasq_resolvfile_desc = 'local DNS file' dhcp_dnsmasq_nohosts = 'Ignore /etc/hosts' dhcp_dnsmasq_strictorder = 'Strict order' dhcp_dnsmasq_strictorder_desc = 'DNS-Server will be queried in the order of the resolvfile' dhcp_dnsmasq_logqueries = 'Log queries' dhcp_dnsmasq_noresolv = 'Ignore resolve file' dhcp_dnsmasq_dnsforwardmax = 'concurrent queries' dhcp_dnsmasq_port = 'DNS-Port' dhcp_dnsmasq_ednspacket_max = 'max. EDNS0 paket size' dhcp_dnsmasq_dhcpleasemax = 'max. DHCP-Leases' dhcp_dnsmasq_addnhosts = 'additional hostfile' dhcp_dnsmasq_queryport = 'query port' dhcp_dnsmasq_enabletftp = 'Enable TFTP-Server' dhcp_dnsmasq_tftproot = 'TFTP-Server Root' dhcp_dnsmasq_dhcpboot = 'Network Boot Image' a_n_switch = 'Switch' a_n_c@@@@@@@@@@onntrack = 'Active Connections' a_n_conntrack_desc = 'This page gives an overview over currently active network connections.' a_n_routes = 'Routes' a_n_routes4 = 'IPv4 Routes' a_n_routes6 = 'IPv6 Routes' a_network1 = 'In this area you find all network-related settings.' a_network2 = 'On most routers the network switch can be freely configured and splitted up into several VLANs.' a_network3 = 'Interfaces and PPPoE / PPTP-Settings allow a custom organisation of the network and connections to other networks like the internet.' a_network4 = 'With DHCP devices in your local network can be automatically configured for network communication.' a_network5 = 'Firewall and portforwarding can be used to secure your network while providing services to external networks.' a_n_switch1 = 'The network ports on your router can be combined to several VLANs in which computers can communicate directly with each other. VLANs are often used to separate different network segments. Often there is by default one Uplink port for a connection to the next greater network like the internet and other ports for a local network.' network_switch_desc = 'Ports belonging to a VLAN are separated with spaces. The port with the highest number (usually 5) is oftern the connection to the internal network interface of the router. On devices with 5 ports often the one with the lowest number (0) is the predefined Uplink port.' a_n_ifaces1 = 'On this page you can configure the network interfaces. You can bridge several interfaces by ticking the "bridge interfaces" field and enter the names of several network interfaces separated by spaces. You can also use VLAN notation INTERFACE.VLANNR (e.g.: eth0.1).' a_n_i_bridge = 'Bridge interfaces' a_n_i_bridge1 = 'creates a bridge over specified interface(s)' dhcp_desc = 'With DHCP network members can automatically receive their network settings (IP-address, netmask, DNS-server, ...).' dhcp_dhcp_leasetime = 'Leasetime' dhcp_dhcp_dynamicdhcp = 'Dynamic DHCP' dhcp_dhcp_ignore = 'Ignore interface' dhcp_dhcp_ignore_desc = 'disable DHCP for this interface' dhcp_dhcp_force = 'Force' dhcp_dhcp_start_desc = 'first address (last octet)' dhcp_dhcp_limit_desc = 'number of leased addresses -1' dhcp_dhcp_dhcpoption = 'DHCP-Options' dhcp_dhcp_dhcpoption_desc = 'See "dnsmasq --help dhcp" for a list of available options.' dhcp_leases = 'Leases' luci_ethers = 'Static Leases' dhcp_timeremain = 'Leasetime remaining' dhcp_leases_active = 'Active Leases' a_n_ptp = 'Point-to-Point Connections' a_n_ptp1 = 'Point-to-Point connections with PPPoE or PPTP are often used to connect a device over DSL or similar technologies to an internet access point.' network_interface_prereq = 'You need to install "comgt" for UMTS/GPRS, "ppp-mod-pppoe" for PPPoE, "ppp-mod-pppoa" for PPPoA or "pptp" for PPtP support' network_interface_prereq_mini = 'You need to install "ppp-mod-pppoe" for PPPoE or "pptp" for PPtP support' network_interface_server = 'PPTP-Server' network_interface_demand = 'Automatic Disconnect' network_interface_demand_desc = 'Time (in seconds) after which an unused connection will be closed' network_interface_keepalive = 'Keep-Alive' network_interface_keepalive_desc = 'Number of failed connection tests to initiate automatic reconnect' network_interface_device = 'Modem device' network_interface_device_desc = 'The device node of your modem, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0' network_interface_defaultroute = 'Replace default route' network_interface_defaultroute_desc = 'Let pppd replace the current default route to use the PPP interface after successful connect' network_interface_peerdns = 'Use peer DNS' network_interface_peerdns_desc = 'Configure the local DNS server to use the name servers adverticed by the PPP peer' network_interface_ipv6 = 'Enable IPv6 on PPP link' network_interface_connect = 'Connect script' network_interface_connect_desc = 'Let pppd run this script after establishing the PPP link' network_interface_disconnect = 'Disconnect script' network_interface_disconnect_desc = 'Let pppd run this script before tearing down the PPP link' network_interface_pppd_options = 'Additional pppd options' network_interface_pppd_options_desc = 'Specify additional command line arguments for pppd here' network_interface_apn = 'Access point (APN)' network_interface_pincode = 'PIN code' network_interface_pincode_desc = 'Make sure that you provide the correct pin code here or you might lock your sim card!' network_interface_service = 'Service type' network_interface_maxwait = 'Setup wait time' network_interface_maxwait_desc = 'Seconds to wait for the modem to become ready before attempting to connect' network_interface_encaps = 'PPPoA Encapsulation' a_n_r_routes1 = 'Routes specify over which interface and gateway a certain host or network can be reached.' a_n_routes_static = 'Static Routes' a_n_routes_static4 = 'Static IPv4 Routes' a_n_routes_static6 = 'Static IPv6 Routes' a_n_routes_kernel4 = 'Active IPv4-Routes' a_n_routes_kernel6 = 'Active IPv6-Routes' a_n_r_target1 = 'Host-IP or Network' a_n_r_target6 = 'IPv6-Address or Network (CIDR)' a_n_r_netmask1 = 'if target is a network' m_n_inet = 'Internet Connection' m_n_local = 'Local Network' m_n_route = 'Route' m_n_brdige = 'Bridge' m_w_ap = 'Provide (Access Point)' m_w_adhoc = 'Independent (Ad-Hoc)' m_w_client = 'Join (Client)' m_w_wds = 'Distributed (WDS)' m_w_clientmode = 'Clientmode' system_system_logsize = 'System log buffer size' system_system_logip = 'External system log server' system_system_conloglevel = 'Log output level' system_system_conloglevel_desc = 'Level of log messages on the console' m_i_processor = 'Processor' m_i_memory = 'Memory' m_i_systemtime = 'Local Time' m_i_uptime = 'Uptime' m_n_d_firstaddress = 'First leased address' m_n_d_numleases = 'Number of leased addresses' routingtable = 'Routing table' wlanscan = 'Wifi scan' frequency = 'Frequency' power = 'Power' noise = 'Noise' signal = 'Signal' link = 'Link' frag = 'Frag.' rts = 'RTS' bitrate = 'Bitrate' m_n_keepalive = 'automatically reconnect' m_n_dialondemand = 'disconnect when idle for' m_n_pptp_server = 'PPTP-Server' leds = 'LED Configuration' leds_desc = 'Customizes the behaviour of the device LEDs if possible.' system_led_name = 'LED Name' system_led_sysfs = 'LED Device' system_led_default = 'Default state' system_led_default_desc = 'ticked = on' system_led_trigger = 'Trigger' system_led_trigger_none = 'None' system_led_trigger_defaulton = 'Default On' system_led_trigger_timer = 'Timer' system_led_trigger_heartbeat = 'Heartbeat (Load Average)' system_led_trigger_netdev = 'Network Device' system_led_delayoff = 'Off-State Delay' system_led_delayoff_desc = 'Time (in ms) the LED is off' system_led_delayon = 'On-State Delay' system_led_delayon_desc = 'Time (in ms) the LED is on' system_led_dev = 'Device' system_led_mode = 'Trigger Mode' system_led_mode_link = 'Link On' system_led_mode_tx = 'Transmit' system_led_mode_rx = 'Receive' network_interface_up = 'Active' network_interface_hwaddr = 'MAC-Address' network_interface_hwaddr_desc = 'Hardware Address' network_interface_txrx = 'Traffic' network_interface_txrx_desc = 'transmitted / received' network_interface_err = 'Errors' network_interface_err_desc = 'TX / RX' network_interface_fwzone = 'Create / Assign firewall-zone' network_interface_fwzone_desc = 'This interface does not belong to any firewall zone yet.' process_head = 'Processes' process_descr = 'This list gives an overview over currently running system processes and their status.' process_pid = 'PID' process_owner = 'Owner' process_command = 'Command' process_cpu = 'CPU usage (%)' process_mem = 'Memory usage (%)' process_hup = 'Hang Up' process_term = 'Terminate' process_kill = 'Kill' mem_cached = 'cached' mem_buffered = 'buffered' mem_free = 'free' a_s_crontab = 'Scheduled Tasks' a_s_crontab1 = 'This is the system crontab in which scheduled tasks can be defined.' a_w_nasid = 'NAS ID' a_w_cacert = 'Path to CA-Certificate' a_w_eaptype = 'EAP-Method' a_w_tlsprivkey = 'Path to Private Key' a_w_tlsprivkeypwd = 'Password of Private Key' a_w_peapauth = 'PEAP-Authentication' a_w_peapidentity = 'PEAP-Identity' a_w_peappassword = 'PEAP-Password' a_w_create = 'Create Network' hostnames = 'Hostnames' hostnames_entries = 'Host entries' hostnames_hostname = 'Hostname' hostnames_address = 'IP address' luci_components = "LuCI Components" m_n_mssfix = "Clamp Segment Size" m_n_mssfix_desc = "Fixes problems with unreachable websites, submitting forms or other unexpected behaviour for some ISPs." --[[ UCI Validation Layer - Dependency helper (c) 2008 Jo-Philipp Wich (c) 2008 Steven Barth Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 $Id: dependencies.lua 3260 2008-09-13 09:09:38Z Cyrus $ ]]-- local uvl = require "luci.uvl" local ERR = require "luci.uvl.errors" local util = require "luci.util" local table = require "table" local type, unpack = type, unpack local ipairs, pairs = ipairs, pairs module "luci.uvl.dependencies" function _parse_reference( r, c, s, o ) local ref = { } local vars = { config = c, section = s, option = o } for v in r:gmatch("[^.]+") do ref[#ref+1] = (v:gsub( "%$(.+)", vars )) end if #ref < 2 then table.insert(ref, 1, s or '$section') end if #ref < 3 then table.insert(ref, 1, c or '$config') end return ref end function _serialize_dependency( dep, v ) local str for k, v in util.spairs( dep, function(a,b) a = ( type(dep[a]) ~= "boolean" and "_" or "" ) .. a b = ( type(dep[b]) ~= "boolean" and "_" or "" ) .. b return a < b end ) do str = ( str and str .. " and " or "" ) .. k .. ( type(v) ~= "boolean" and "=" .. v or "" ) end return str end function check( self, object, nodeps ) local derr = ERR.DEPENDENCY(object) if not self.depseen[object:cid()] then self.depseen[object:cid()] = true else return false, derr:child(ERR.DEP_RECURSIVE(object)) end if object:scheme('depends') then local ok = true local valid = false for _, dep in ipairs(object:scheme('depends')) do local subcondition = true for k, v in pairs(dep) do -- XXX: better error local ref = _parse_reference( k, unpack(object.cref) ) if not ref then return false, derr:child(ERR.SME_BADDEP(object,k)) end local option = uvl.option( self, object.c, unpack(ref) ) valid, err = self:_validate_option( option, true ) if valid then if not ( ( type(v) == "boolean" and option:value() ) or ( ref[3] and option:value() ) == v ) then subcondition = false local depstr = _serialize_dependency( dep, v ) derr:child( type(v) == "boolean" and ERR.DEP_NOVALUE(option, depstr) or ERR.DEP_NOTEQUAL(option, {depstr, v}) ) break end else subcondition = false local depstr = _serialize_dependency( dep, v ) derr:child(ERR.DEP_NOTVALID(option, depstr):child(err)) break end end if subcondition then ok = true break else ok = false end end if not ok then return false, derr end else return true end if object:scheme("type") == "enum" and object:scheme("enum_depends")[object:value()] then local ok = true local valid = false local enum = object:enum() local eerr = ERR.DEP_BADENUM(enum) for _, dep in ipairs(enum:scheme('enum_depends')[object:value()]) do local subcondition = true for k, v in pairs(dep) do -- XXX: better error local ref = _parse_reference( k, unpack(object.cref) ) if not ref then return false, derr:child(eerr:child(ERR.SME_BADDEP(enum,k))) end local option = luci.uvl.option( self, object.c, unpack(ref) ) valid, err = self:_validate_option( option, true ) if valid then if not ( ( type(v) == "boolean" and object.config[ref[2]][ref[3]] ) or ( ref[3] and object:config() ) == v ) then subcondition = false local depstr = _serialize_dependency( dep, v ) eerr:child( type(v) == "boolean" and ERR.DEP_NOVALUE(option, depstr) or ERR.DEP_NOTEQUAL(option, {depstr, v}) ) break end else subcondition = false local depstr = _serialize_dependency( dep, v ) eerr:child(ERR.DEP_NOTVALID(option, depstr):child(err)) break end end if subcondition then return true else ok = false end end if not ok then return false, derr:child(eerr) end end return true end  ." ..uci.luafilebrowser.lua  services.lua status.lua# system.lua index.luap network.lua--[[ LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface Copyright 2008 Steven Barth Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 $Id: index.lua 4041 2009-01-16 12:39:50Z Cyrus $ ]]-- module("luci.controller.admin.index", package.seeall) function index() luci.i18n.loadc("admin-core") local i18n = luci.i18n.translate local root = node() if not root.target then root.target = alias("admin") root.index = true end entry({"about"}, template("about")).i18n = "admin-core" local page = node("admin") page.target = alias("admin", "index") page.title = i18n("administration", "Administration") page.order = 10 page.i18n = "admin-core" page.sysauth = "root" page.sysauth_authenticator = "htmlauth" page.ucidata = true page.index = true local page = node("admin", "index") page.target = template("admin_index/index") page.title = i18n("overview", "Übersicht") page.order = 10 page.index = true local page = node("admin", "index", "luci") page.target = cbi("admin_index/luci") page.title = i18n("a_i_ui", "Oberfläche") page.order = 10 entry({"admin", "index", "components"}, call("redir_components"), i18n("luci_components", "LuCI Components"), 20) entry({"admin", "index", "logout"}, call("action_logout"), i18n("logout"), 90) end function redir_components() luci.http.redirect(luci.dispatcher.build_url("admin", "system", "packages")..'?update=1&query=luci') end function action_logout() local dsp = require "luci.dispatcher" local sauth = require "luci.sauth" if dsp.context.authsession then sauth.kill(dsp.context.authsession) dsp.context.urltoken.stok = nil end luci.http.header("Set-Cookie", "sysauth=; path=" .. dsp.build_url()) luci.http.redirect(luci.dispatcher.build_url()) end  ." .. luci_fw.luaELF44 ,,,<<H=H=QtdCG8@>70D:1EA%$#2*6 .<+/FB? 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Flag package(s) =hold|noprune|user|ok|installed|unpacked (one per invocation) list List available packages and descriptions list_installed List all and only the installed packages and description files List all files belonging to search Search for a package providing info [pkg|regexp] Display all info for status [pkg|regexp] Display all status for download Download to current directory. compare_versions compare versions using <= < > >= = << >> print_architecture prints the architecture. print_installation_architecture whatdepends [-A] [pkgname|pat]+ whatdependsrec [-A] [pkgname|pat]+ whatprovides [-A] [pkgname|pat]+ whatconflicts [-A] [pkgname|pat]+ whatreplaces [-A] [pkgname|pat]+ prints the installation architecture. -A Query all packages with whatdepends, whatprovides, whatreplaces, whatconflicts -V Set verbosity level to . If no value is --verbosity provided increase verbosity by one. Verbosity levels: 0 errors only 1 normal messages (default) 2 informative messages 3 debug output -f Use as the opkg configuration file -conf Default configuration file location -d Use as the the root directory for -dest package installation, removal, upgrading. should be a defined dest name from the configuration file, (but can also be a directory name in a pinch). -o Use as the root directory for -offline offline installation of packages. Force Options (use when opkg is too smart for its own good): -force-depends Make dependency checks warnings instead of errors Install/remove package in spite of failed dependences -force-defaults Use default options for questions asked by opkg. (no prompts). Note that this will not prevent package installation scripts from prompting. -force-reinstall Allow opkg to reinstall a package. -force-overwrite Allow opkg to overwrite files from another package during an install. -force-downgrade Allow opkg to downgrade packages. -force_space Install even if there does not seem to be enough space. -noaction No action -- test only -nodeps Do not follow dependences -force-removal-of-dependent-packages -recursive Allow opkg to remove package and all that depend on it. -autoremove Allow opkg to remove packages that where installed automatically to satisfy dependencies. -test No action -- test only -t Specify tmp-dir. --tmp-dir Specify tmp-dir. regexp could be something like 'pkgname*' '*file*' or similar eg: opkg info 'libstd*' or opkg search '*libop*' or opkg remove 'libncur*'Confusion: getopt_long returned %d force-removal-of-dependent-packagesforce_removal_of_dependent_packagesforce-removal-of-essential-packagesforce_removal_of_essential_packages=<Ie $0<\hopkg must have one sub-command argumentprint-installation-architectureprint_installation_architecture%s: the ``%s'' command requires at least one argument print-architectureprint_architectureflagconfiguresearchcompare_versionscompare-versionslist_installedlist-installedstatus%s: unknown sub-command %s %s - %s - %s opkg_opopkg state set to %s opkg state set to %s: %s NoneDownloading PackageInstalling PackageConfiguring PackageUpgrading PackageRemoving PackageDownloading RepositoryVerifying Repository SignatureB?opkg != NULLopkg.coption != NULLvalue != NULL/tmp/opkg.XXXXXXPackages.gzPackages%s/%s/%s%s/%s.gzwcallbackpackage_name != NULL%s/index.html/dev/nullopkg: file %s: line %d (%s): Assertation '%s' failedDopkg_repository_accessibility_checkopkg_find_packageopkg_list_upgradable_packagesopkg_list_packagesopkg_update_package_listsopkg_upgrade_allopkg_upgrade_packageopkg_remove_packageopkg_install_packageopkg_set_optionopkg_get_optionopkg_re_read_config_filesopkg_freearch %s %s Collected errors: * %sdepends onconflicts withRoot set: What %s root set %s %s %snone<=>= (%s %s) unsatisfiableWhat %s %s %s %s target=%s What %s (arch=%s) %s Failed to download %s Downloaded %s as %s Package %s not installed. pkg: %s already visited pkg: %s Descending on pkg: %s PATH/usr/share%s/opkg/intercept:%s/tmp/opkg-intercept-%d-%dOPKG_INTERCEPT_DIRConfiguring %s rm -rf %s writing status file Nothing to be done Package %s is not installed. Non-user leaf package: %s No packages removed. Debug install_cmd: %s Cannot find package %s. %s/*.opkholdnopruneokunpackedmkdtempInflating %s updateupgradeinfoinstall_pendingpurgedownloadwhatdependswhatdependsrecwhatrecommendswhatsuggestswhatprovideswhatreplaceswhatconflictsAn error ocurred, return value: %d. opkg compare_versions is one of <= >= << >> = Cannot find package %s. Check the spelling or perhaps run 'opkg update' %s: Unable to allocate memory Package %s (%s) is installed on %s and has the following files: Configuring unpacked packages Reordering packages before configuring them... opkg: interrupted. writing out status database Package seems to be %s not installed (STATUS = NOT_INSTALLED). No packages flagged as installed by user, so refusing to uninstall unflagged non-leaf packages Removing non-user leaf package %s The following packages in %s will now be installed. %s: ERROR: failed to unlink %s: %s conffile=%s md5sum=%s modified=%d Setting flags for package %s to %s Package %s not installed in %s %s: ERROR: %s exists, but is not a directory %s: ERROR: failed to make directory %s: %s Updated list of available packages in %s -  "  ycnMXopkg_files_cmdopkg_install_pending_cmdopkg_update_cmd%s;%s;%s;postinstERROR: %s.postinst returned %d Downloading %s file:Copying %s to %s...Done http_proxyftp_proxyno_proxy--proxy-passwd=--proxy-user=--proxy=onhttp://ftp://.ipk.debSetting environment variable: http_proxy = %s Setting environment variable: ftp_proxy = %s Setting environment variable: no_proxy = %s wget --passive-ftp %s %s%s %s%s -P %s %s%s: ERROR: Command failed with return value %d: `%s' Package %s provided by hand (%s). Package %s has no Architecture defined. %s : This should never happen. Report this Bug in bugzilla please ERROR: Package %s (parent %s) is not available from any configured src. opkg_prepare_url_for_installopkg_download-opkg.backup%s: Failed to copy %s to %s iyesdiff -u %s %s [Press ENTER to continue]WarningERRORUpgrading Downgrading %s%s on %s from %s to %s... Installing %s%s (%s) to %s... %s/%s-XXXXXX%s/conffiles%s: failed to open %s: %s Null new_file for new_pkg=%s upgrade %sinstall %spreinstAborting installation of %s removing obsolesced files %s. installing data files resolving conf files cleanup temp files Done. Failed. old %s new %s Forcing downgrade Checking for replaces for %s in package %s Replacing pre-existing file %s owned by package %s Pre-exiting file %s is obsolete. obs_pkg=%s Package %s wants to install file %s But that file is already provided by package Please move this file out of the way and try again. removing obsolete file %s Warning: remove %s failed: %s extracting data files to %s Calling pkg_write_filelist from %s Configuration file '%s' ==> File on system created by you or by a script. ==> File also in package provided by package maintainer. What would you like to do about it ? Your options are: Y or I : install the package maintainer's version N or O : keep your currently-installed version D : show the differences between the versions (if diff is installed) The default action is to keep your current version. *** %s (Y/I/N/O/D) [default=N] ? cleanup_temporary_files: pkg=%s local_filename=%s tmp_dir=%s %s: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for %s: This could mean that your package list is out of date or that the packages mentioned above do not yet exist (try 'opkg update'). To proceed in spite of this problem try again with the '-force-depends' option. Function: %s calling opkg_install_pkg INTERNAL ERROR: null pkg passed to opkg_install_pkg Function: %s calling pkg_arch_supported %s INTERNAL ERROR: architecture %s for pkg %s is unsupported. Package %s is already installed in %s. Not downgrading package %s on %s from %s to %s. Reinstalling %s (%s) on %s... Not installing %s (%s) on %s -- already installed. %s: The following packages conflict with %s: Only have %d available blocks on filesystem %s, pkg %s needs %d Failed to download %s. Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'? Package %s md5sum mismatch. Either the opkg or the package index are corrupt. Try 'opkg update'. %s: Failed to create temporary directory '%s': %s not removing obsolesced files because package marked noprune installing maintainer scripts pkg=%s old_state_flag=%x state_flag=%x Getting old from pkg_hash_fetch Old versions from pkg_hash_fetch %s Getting new from pkg_hash_fetch New versions from pkg_hash_fetch %s Versions from pkg_hash_fetch in %s Comparing visible versions of pkg %s: %s is installed %s is available %d was comparison result Package %s (%s) installed in %s is up to date. Function: %s calling opkg_install_by_name %d opkg_install_pkgunpack_pkg_control_filesbackup_make_backupinstall_data_filespkg_remove_installed_replacees_unwindsatisfy_dependencies_foropkg_install_multi_by_nameopkg_install_by_nameopkg_install_from_fileNot upgrading package %s which is marked hold (flags=%#x) Assuming locally installed package %s (%s) is up to date. comparing visible versions of pkg %s: %s is installed %s is available %d was comparison result %s/%s.postrm%s/%s.* deleting %s deleting %s (noaction=%d) %s in opkg.conf. prerm not deleting modified conffile %s %s Unable to allocate memory. REPORT THIS BUG IN BUGZILLA PLEASE %s: unable to get dependent pkgs. pkg %s isn't in hash table WARNING: Removing essential package %s under your coercion. If your system breaks, you get to keep both pieces ERROR: Refusing to remove essential package %s. Removing an essential package may lead to an unusable system, but if you enjoy that kind of pain, you can force opkg to proceed against its will with the option: -force-removal-of-essential-packages Package %s is depended upon by packages: These might cease to work if package %s is removed. You can force removal of this package with -force-depends. You can force removal of this package and its dependents with -force-removal-of-dependent-packages or -recursive or by setting option force_removal_of_dependent_packages Removing package %s from %s... %s Unable to allocate memory. %s was autoinstalled but is now orphaned %s was autoinstalled and is still required by %d installed packages remove_autoinstalledopkg_remove_dependent_pkgspkg_has_installed_dependentsNull package rm -fr %s offline_rootoffline_root_post_script_cmdoffline_root_pre_script_cmdoverlay_rootproxy_passwdproxy_userloading conf file %s optionsrcsrc/gzlists_dirERROR: Not enough memory 10/usr/lib/opkg%s/%s/lockTMPDIR/tmpopkg-XXXXXXpkg-hashobs-file-hash/usr/lib/opkg/lists/pending%s/etc/opkg/*.conf1noarchi386%s: Can't open status file: %s for writing: %s %s: ERROR: Can't write status for package %s since it has a NULL dest %s: ERROR: An error has occurred writing %s, retaining old %s WARNING: Unable to remove temporary directory: %s: %s hash_table[%s] n_buckets=%d n_elements=%d max_conflicts=%d n_conflicts=%d %s: Unable to allocate memory ^[[:space:]]*(#.*|[[:space:]]*)$^[[:space:]]*("([^"]*)"|([^[:space:]]*))[[:space:]]*("([^"]*)"|([^[:space:]]*))[[:space:]]*("([^"]*)"|([^[:space:]]*))([[:space:]]+([^[:space:]]+))?[[:space:]]*$%s:%d: Ignoring invalid line: `%s' %s: Option %s need an argument %s: Unrecognized option: %s=%s ERROR: duplicate src declaration. Skipping: src %s %s supported arch %s priority (%s) defaulting architecture %s priority to 10 WARNING: Ignoring unknown configuration parameter: %s %s %s Could not obtain administrative lock %s: Failed to create temporary directory `%s': %s ERROR: Unknown dest name: `%s' opkg_conf_write_status_filesopkg_conf_initopkg_conf_parse_fileopkg_conf_set_optionopkg_init_options_arraycan't get %s open for read trim_allocNull pkg creating %s.list file %s/%s.list%s: saving changed filelists <<>>unknown operator: %s%d:-%s%s%s%s%s: out of memory %s/%s.%sRunning script %s OPKG_OFFLINE_ROOTPKG_ROOT%s script returned status %d WARNING: Cannot open %s: %s ArchitectureArchitecture: %s Auto-InstalledAuto-Installed: yes ConffilesConffiles: ConflictsConflicts:,Depends:DescriptionDescription: %s Essential: yes Filename: %s Installed-SizeInstalled-Size: %s Installed-TimeInstalled-Time: %lu Maintainermaintainer: %s MD5sumMD5Sum: %s Package: %s PriorityPriority: %s Providesopkg_internal_use_onlyProvides:ReplacesReplaces:RecommendsRecommends:SectionSection: %s SourceSource: %s StatusStatus: %s %s %s SuggestsSuggests:TagsTags: %s Version: %s VersionEssentialFilenameOut of memory in %s %s/%s.controlnot-installedhalf-configuredhalf-installedconfig-filespost-inst-failedremoval-failedreinstreqreplacepreferobsoleteunknowndeinstallFailed to alloc list_file_name creating %s file for pkg %s Could not open %s for writing: %s Calling pkg_write_filelist for pkg=%s from %s pkg_write_filelist pkg=%s returned %d arch %s (priority %s) supported for pkg %s arch %s unsupported for pkg %s %s: ERROR: Illegal value for state_status string: %s %s: ERROR: Illegal value for state_want string: %s abstract_pkg_name_compare: a=%p a->name=%p b=%p b->name=%p pkg_name_version_and_architecture_compare: a=%p a->name=%p b=%p b->name=%p pkg_name_version_and_architecture_compare: a=%p a->arch_priority=%i b=%p b->arch_priority=%i %s: ERROR: Illegal value for state_status: %d %s: ERROR: Illegal value for state_want: %d %s: ERROR: installed package %s has a NULL dest %s: ERROR: uninstalled package %s has a NULL tmp_unpack_dir (offline root mode: not running %s.%s) %s: Error extracting file list from %s: %s pkg_info_preinstall_check: updating arch priority for each package pkg_info_preinstall_check: no architecture for package %s Clearing state_want and state_flag for pkg=%s (arch_priority=%d flag=%d want=%d) pkg_info_preinstall_check: update file owner list No installed files for pkg %s %s: ERROR: Unknown field name: %s Unable to open the control file in %s unable to read control file for %s. May be empty %ȠMhȠȠ>ȠȠȠȠȠ^ȠC͡ȠȠȠȠȠȠȠȠȠȠȠ%ȠMhȠȠ>ȠȠȠȠȠ^ȠC͡Ƞpkg_write_changed_filelistspkg_state_status_from_strpkg_state_status_to_strpkg_state_flag_to_strpkg_state_want_from_strpkg_state_want_to_strpkg_run_scriptpkg_get_installed_filespkg_print_fieldpkg_formatted_fieldpkg_formatted_infoset_flags_from_controlabstract_pkg_newpkg_newpkg_depend_str: index %d out of range for pkg=%s Seems I've found a replace %s %s dependency check error. pkg %s isn't in hash table %s:%d: possible_satisfier is null %s:%d: possible_satisfier->pkg is null %s:%d: something terribly wrong with pkg %s not installing %s due to requirement for %s not installing %s due to broken depends %s: ignoring recommendation for %s at user request %s: unsatisfied recommendation for %s package %s suggests installing %s Adding satisfier for greedy dependence: %s Freeing depends=%p Depends pointer is NULL Greedy-DependPre-Depend%s has %d possibilities: %s version %s (%d) %s: null pkg scout pkg_depends.c%s:%d: satisfying_pkg=%p %s:%d: satisfying_pkg=%p buildDependsdepend_initbuildReplacesbuildConflictsbuildProvidespkg_hash_fetch_conflictspkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependenciesadd_unresolved_depmerge_unresolved/ /. ./control%s: ERROR: Failed to open %s for writing. pkg_extract_data_file_names_to_file%s: primes table might not be big enough (! << %d) %s: Out of memory. hash_table_initbest installation candidate for %s Multiple replacers for %s, using first one (%s) replacement_apkg=%s for provider_apkg=%s no pkgs for provider_apkg %s %s arch=%s arch_priority=%d version=%s Packages were found, but none compatible with the architectures configured Found a valid candidate for the install: %s %s Multiple packages (%s and %s) providing same name marked HOLD or PREFER. Using latest. Package=%s, %d matching providers Please select one with opkg install or opkg flag prefer %s: for apkg=%s, %d matching pkgs using latest version of installed package %s no matching pkg out of matching_apkgs=%d using latest matching %s %s %s Package %s version %s has no architecture specified, defaulting to %s. +=+%s+=+ apkg=%s nprovides=%d adding %s to providers %s %s %s %s using held package %s depended upon by - %s provided by - %s depends on - %s hash_insert_pkgpkg_hash_dumppkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate%s: ERROR: Provides string is emptyProvides: opkg_internal_use_only, %s: ERROR: version string is empty%s: ERROR: epoch in version is not number%s: ERROR: nothing after colon in version number%s: out of memory Version:Conffiles:Essential:Status: %s %s %sPackage:Priority:Pre-DependsArchitecture:Auto-Installed:Filename:Section:Source:Tags:MD5sum:MD5Sum:MD5SumInstalled-Size:Installed-Time: D  1 <      alterProvidesLineparseVersion with set_status WITHOUT set_status Function: %s. Found pkg=%s version=%s arch=%s cmp=%s version=%s arch=%s Function: %s. Found duplicate for pkg=%s version=%s arch=%s Function: %s. calling pkg_merge for pkg=%s version=%s arch=%sFunction: %s. Adding new pkg=%s version=%s arch=%s abstract_pkg_vec_allocpkg_vec_insert_mergepkg_vec_alloc%s: Failed to open file %s: %s %s: ERROR computing md5sum for %s: %s %s: ERROR: failed to copy %s to %s %s: ERROR: failed to rename %s to %s: %s file_md5sum_alloc0123456789abcdeffile_copyfile_movefile_read_line_allocopkg-%s: %sNOTICEINFODEBUGDEBUG2Null string pointer passed to sprintf_alloc Null fmt string passed to sprintf_alloc %s: Error compiling regex:print_regcomp_err%s: ERROR: fork failed before execution: `%s' %s: ERROR: Child process died due to signal %d: `%s' %s: ERROR: Received unintelligible return value from system: %dxsystem%s: conffile %s has no md5sum %s: conffile %s: old md5=%s new md5=%s conffile_has_been_modifiednv_pair_list_append%s/%s/%s.tmppkg_dest_list_appendpkg_src_list_appendError: void_list_remove_elt list is NULL Error: void_list_remove_elt target_data is NULL %s: ERROR: element not found in list void_list_removevoid_list_pushvoid_list_appendpipe errorfork failedgzip stream init failed*** Couldnt kill old gunzip process *** abortingunknown method %d -- get newer version of gzipinvalid compressed data--format violatedinvalid compressed data--crc errorinvalid compressed data--length errorCouldnt wait ?Couldnt writeInvalid gzip magicIncomplete literal treeincomplete distance treegzip aborted  ??     ustarInvalid tar header checksumUnknown typeflag: 0x%xInvalid magicCannot resolve long file name /./Cannot link from %s to '%s'extract_archive: %sCannot create node %sDon't know how to handle %s%s %d/%d %8d %s control.tar.gzdata.tar.gz!invalid magicIgnoring GNU extension type %c%s not created: newer or same age file existscouldn't create leading directoriesCannot create symlink from %s to '%s'no file specified to extract -- extract_function=%x jriririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririririj#j/j;jjjjririririririririririririri\iririririririjGj\i\iriririri\iriri\iunable to stat `%s'%s: omitting directory`%s' is not a directorycannot create directory `%s'unable to open directory `%s'%s: overwrite `%s'? unable to open `%s'unable to remove `%s'unable to close `%s'unable to create `%s'cannot create fifo `%s'cannot create symlink `%s'`%s' and `%s' are the same fileunable to close directory `%s'unable to change permissions of `%s'unable to preserve ownership of `%s'internal error: unrecognized file typeunable to preserve times of `%s'unable to preserve permissions of `%s'Unable to read all dataUnable to write all data%s:%s%s: %s%s xstrndup bugmemory exhaustedCannot create directory `%s'Cannot set permissions of directory `%s'rwxstugoa$I  8Short read0pcCd?bB-?l?s???@ ..s..s..t..S..S..Trwxrwxrwx---------pu& 4 I D S ` q     m   /=5D5I5O5:@ .8 #  M S8 ooo:o;`9`[@8Y9 [P098 tR[xRN#^#n#~#########$$.$>$N$^$n$~$$$$$$$$$%%.%>%N%^%n%~%%%%%%%%%&&.&>&N&^&n&~&&&&&&&&&''.'>'N'^'n'~'''''''''((.(>(N(^(n(~((((((((()).)>)N)^)n)~)))))))))**.*>*N*^*n*~*********++.+>+N+^+n+~++++ V|QAf4fd!/?O_o 0Txoot Vv  }|yzyv `uq/pppZ Pgf5 eddXXX4Xa> _J@_Y^h_uaa^{ ! 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